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Attractions in Cyprus.......

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‘Snake George’ Reptile Park.......
Paphos Bird Park ....................

Animals.... originally to house a private collection of birds the Pafos Bird Park is now more like a zoo, housing many birds including Eagles and animals such as Thomson’s Gazelle, Deer, Giraffe, Iguana, Boa Constrictor, Nile Crocodile and many more.
This park is well worth a visit for the young or old if you fancy a day away from the beach.
The park is on the coast road after the Coral Bay turn off.
Telephone: 26813852

Hands on.... experience of snakes! At Snake George, they have a selection of reptiles for you to see and even touch. A private park that needs support from visitors to keep a home for the many dying breeds of reptiles that live in Cyprus.

Located on the main road from Coral Bay/ Pafos to Saint George just behind the ECO Petrol station the park is easy to find and is in walking distance from Coral Bay. Telephone: +357 99987685

Tombs of the Kings..........

History.... spread over a vast area, these impressive underground tombs date back to the 4th century BC. They are carved out of solid rock with some being decorated with Doric pillars. High officials rather than Kings were buried here, but the magnificence of the tombs gave the locality its name.
On the coast road towards Paphos.
Many tavernas, restaurants, take aways, fast food, bars and clubs are along this stretch of road by the Tombs of the Kings.

................Adonis Baths

Take a dip....Adonis Baths are a beautiful spring with water fall. Tradition says Adonis the God of Beauty tended his horses here and hunted in the Akamas forest.
It is an unsurfaced track to the baths so you should really drive it with a 4x4. There are signs on the main coast road towards Coral Bay.
Telephone: 26 965652 99699320


Paphos Aquarium' is open daily and has 72 tanks of various specimens found in the Mediterranean. Some of the creatures on display include sharks, crocodiles and piranha fish!
Pafos Aquarium
Kato Pafos, Next to Theoskepasti Church, P.O.Box 61412
Tel: 357 - 26 - 953920, Fax: 357 - 26 - 953919 

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